Choosing Long-lasting Furniture

Investing in durable furniture will ensure you get a worthwhile service from it. Before making your choice, a number of factors should be considered:

  • Do a thorough check. It’s best to unzip cushions and gauge heaviness. Furniture made of heavy material generally lasts a long time.
  • Test the springs. Hand-tied springs are the best, especially for upholstered furniture. The closer springs are tied, the longer they last. They will also be more comfortable.
  • Find materials with substance. Get a feel of the texture of wood material. Choose material that can be refreshed with time, for instance, Oakwood or silver metal. Veneers can also be used but ensure that it is intact.
  • Check construction details. The pieces should not have any glue, visible nails, or staples. Well constructed pieces have dovetails, mortise, and tenon joints.
  • Study the joints. Well made drawers of heirloom quality dressers, credenza, and armoire are fixed tightly. This enables them to expand and contract with varying temperatures.
  • Test for sturdiness and softness. Choose comfortable pieces to sit in. Also, check out whether the seat can hold your weight.


Choosing durable Furniture calls for a trained eye. You do not want to find yourself regretting picking the wrong pieces. Whatever you buy should match other accessories in your home.

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