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Hairpin Legs Ideas for All Furniture

Hairpin legs make memorable furniture due to their sleek and streamlined features. Furthermore, they go well with a variety of design styles. They can be used in accent chairs, side tables, candle holders, and credenzas. Below are some of the hairpin leg ideas you should consider:

Hairpin leg table – The style is mid-century and industrial and can be next to a sitting area.
Hairpin nightstand – Features soft geometric details and is set on top of brass hairpin legs.
Hairpin armchair – This can be upholstered to give it a modern look.


Top 2020 Furniture Trends

Choosing the right furniture can spice up the style of your house. You can choose to keep it simple with store-bought furniture and accessories or try out custom made designs instead. We’ve got you covered in the top rated 2020 furniture trends. Some of these trends include:
Natural Materials
Natural and organic materials such as bamboo and recycled wood for eco-friendly purposes are becoming popular for its calming and relaxing vibe.
French Modern Design
The use of modern French design in upholstery furniture, quilter shapes in mirrors and accessories, and use of cane in wooden pieces. Multifunctional…

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Chic Boho Items That Only Look Expensive

As much as you dream about traveling to far off places in your lifetime, you may not do so. However, you can do some armchair traveling instead. When you can’t get into a plane to visit your dream country, you can get chic items at Wal-Mart’s summer edition of d├ęcor. Some of the products are:
Dusty Pink Corduroy Tufted Square Floor Cushion by Better Homes and Gardens.
Your boho factor will increase if you add a few of these floor cushions to your living room. They can be pushed under a coffee table or bench when not in use and bring them to view when you have visitors.
Flower Home Watercolor Succulent 3…


Poolside Retreat: The Best Poolside Teak Furniture

With proper care and maintenance, furniture made from teak wood can last many years. You will get value for your money if you are willing to invest a little more on quality. What’s more, it never becomes outdated.
Since teak wood comes from the warm tropics, those living in dry, less humid regions will need to add moisture so as to increase its durability. According to experts, teak should be cleaned and oiled each season for the best upkeep. The good thing is that you need not use teak as outdoor furniture only. There are many modern indoor pieces you can pick from too. Here are some of the outdoor pieces: