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Brilliant DIY Crafts for Your Headboard

If you want to improve your bedroom’s appearance at a low cost, you can decide to make your own headboard. It allows you to unleash your creativity. There is a wide range of DIY headboards you can make. Here are some examples:

  • Minimalist Plywood Headboard: The Scandinavian design has a floating plywood headboard with customized shelves. You can add accessories to suit your personality.
  • Woven Headboard: It requires some level of expertise to make your space comfier.
  • Sleek upholstered Headboard: It is hung from decorative door knobs and is made from plywood, fabric, and quilt batting.
  • Wooden pallet Headboard: This is a simple type which you can paint to meet your needs
  • Macramé Headboard: This woven design is hung from a light wooden rod to add texture to your room.
  • Slatted Headboard: It consists of maple wood planks set in an angular design. The result is a stylish Scandinavian headboard.
  • Paper flower Headboard: Hung from a branch, cascading paper flowers are glued to a clear string.
  • Plywood printed Headboard: Place your artwork or oversized photo on a plywood plank, and you have a headboard.
  • Tapestry Headboard: For this, you need a rod and a tapestry for a Bohemian look. You can easily change it if you are bored.
  • Lemon tufted Headboard: You can use store-bought jewelry to customize your headboard
  • Yarn Headboard: Other than being a modern textile headboard, it is also artful. You can fix it using yarn, wood, and screws.


Do-It-Yourself crafts are fun to do. The level of satisfaction you get and pride in your own work will be worth the while.

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