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Best Chalk Paint Ideas

Chalk paint comes in different wonderful shades. Spaces can be changed with its use. Its thick consistency needs minimal preparation so it’s super easy to use. In addition, it dries quickly. Chalk paint can be used in the following creative ways:

  • Painting floors – Chalk paint can be used to create different effects on floors.
  • Painting dressers – You can use the color variety of chalk paint to paint rainbow colors on your dresser.
  • Piano make-over – Your piano can get a stylish makeover with chalk paint to match your room décor.
  • Ombre wardrobe – If you have furniture with sentimental value, you can use it to create an ombre effect with chalk paint to remove the dullness.
  • Colorful dining chairs – Chalk painting chairs can make the room interesting, lively, and colorful.
  • Chalk painted card catalog – Unused drawers in your home can be chalk painted and be used as card catalogs.
  • Plank wall – Paint plywood-veneer strips and place them on the wall of a room or entryway to make them brighter.
  • Mint kitchen cabinets – Mint green chalk paint color in the kitchen cabinets will reduce their dullness.


Chalk paint takes a short time to dry. Therefore, you can paint any room without vacating the house.

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