Layaway Plan

Furniture Vision  Layaway Plan

- Free Layaway..  No service fee.. none !!

- all year round

- on everything we have

- for the longest period of time in the industry ..  3 months !!

- manage your payments at your own pace.

How does Layaway work ?

1) Shop Online or at the Store for everything we have in stock.

2) Make your downpayment ( no minimum payment required )

    - online: select "Layaway" payment option and send us a check.

    - at the Store: pay with debit/credit card/ check, cash.

3) Pay at your own pace ( no weekly or bi-weekly payment required ).

   Send us a check by mail, or pay at the Store.

4) After you make the last payment ( up to 3 months ), we process the order

   and deliver your furniture in a few days.


Frequently asked questions

Q.: How long is a FurnitureVision Layaway Plan ?

A.: We are proud to say that our Layaway Plan is the longest in the Furniture industry; 3 months.

Q.: Is there any fees ?

A.: No; there's no fee at all. None, zero, nada.

Q.: Are all items online, available for layaway ?

A.: Yes; absolutely all items we carry, are available for layaway.

Q.: How often do I need to make payment ?

A.: After your first payment ( required downpayment ), you will be managing the payments at your own pace.

     We don't require weekly or bi-weekly payments. The only requirement is to finish in 3 months ( 90 days ).


Disclosure;  Layaways are no subject to cancellation. guarantees Layaway prices for 3 months. Buyer agrees to complete payment on schedule, or proceeds of payments towards layaway may be forfeited. will charge a $ 50 fee, if layaway merchandise is exchanged or not paid within the required time.