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Hairpin Legs Ideas for All Furniture

Hairpin legs make memorable furniture due to their sleek and streamlined features. Furthermore, they go well with a variety of design styles. They can be used in accent chairs, side tables, candle holders, and credenzas. Below are some of the hairpin leg ideas you should consider:

  • Hairpin leg table – The style is mid-century and industrial and can be next to a sitting area.
  • Hairpin nightstand – Features soft geometric details and is set on top of brass hairpin legs.
  • Hairpin armchair – This can be upholstered to give it a modern look.
  • Hairpin accent chair – ┬áThe sturdy velvet seat combines with gold-tone metal hairpin legs.
  • Hairpin Ottoman – The faux white Ottoman has a modern appeal finished with stylish brass legs.
  • Hairpin Butterfly Chair frame – Being space-saving, this gold frame is collapsible and can be used with different covers.
  • Hairpin slipper chair – It showcases a union of modern and traditional styles. The navy tufted upholstery sits on top of black hairpin legs.
  • Hairpin Console – With plenty of room, the wood console can stash plenty of goods.
  • Hairpin lamp and side table – This statement piece will surely beautify your room.
  • Hairpin votive candle holder – The five candle votive can be hung outside as it is made from weather wood and has hairpin legs.


The hairpin design is stylish and space-saving. It also reduces the dragging of furniture on the floor because it is not heavy. Furthermore, it cannot trap dust underneath the legs, making floor cleaning much easier.

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