Eco friendly Furniture

          RE-USE     RECYCLE    RECLAIM

We strongly believe that "Eco-Friendly" is more than a marketing strategy or current trend. It's a way of life; a way to help to reduce global warming; a way to reduce our impact on Earth. Almost 80 % of the imported or domestic Furniture and Flooring products comes from irresponsible harvested wood, logged mainly from the rainforest. More than 1/4 of the countries in the world, have lost at least 90 % of their original forest. is proud to support the world of sustainable design. Whether featuring  recycled materials, organic fibers, reclaimed wood, low emission factories or fair-trade certification, we have identified the most "greener and sustainable" designers of furniture, who also offer stylish and quality at affordable price.
Look for this logo in our products description, to know if that piece of furniture is part of our growing "eco friendly furniture" collection, and you will be helping to lower the environmental impact of your home, your life and the earth. Every product labeled as "eco-furniture" at least has 60 % of its components, either recycled, re-used, reclaimed, renewable or organic materials. We are committed to be, the Online Furniture Store, where design, quality and affordability, meets sustainability.