The Best Seating Options for Homeschoolers Who Love Wiggling

As the reopening day for schools approaches, not everyone will resume studies in a conventional classroom setting. Classroom-style stools can make virtual learning or homeschooling fun and motivate students to learn. Whether via homeschooling or remote learning, learning from a distance can have its fair share of challenges regardless of your educational setting.

By seating, we’re referring to flexible seating, which serves as a good alternative for fixed seating that keeps school kids in one position for a lengthy period. This article will discuss some comfortable and non-traditional seating options for students. This kind of seating offers benefits like focus, core strength, and all-around comfort, enhancing academic productivity.

The list of the best seating options include:

KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool

The manufacturers of this seating option were more concerned with functionality than its visual appeal. This seating is renowned for having an unappealing and sterile appearance. However, with KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool, the design is bold and contemporary. It was crafted in durable plastic. It’s ideal to work the core muscles and enhance gross motor development during your kids’ learning period. This seating is also available in several colors. The only problem you’ll face with this seating option is picking your preferred color among seven colors.

It is available on Amazon.

A Yoga Ball (Gaiam’s Kids Stay-in-Play Ball)

Your child doesn’t need to be familiar with any yoga postures to enjoy sitting on a yoga ball. This seating option is available in several prints and colors to match the personality of your kid. The ball is equipped with five limbs that act as stabilizers. It’s used for homeschooling to boost sitting posture and enhance your kids’ learning.

It is available on Amazon.

Zuma Series Floor Rocker

This seating option is perfect for kids who quickly get bored sitting in one spot for their classes. The Zuma Series Floor Rocker is a contoured chair. It’s available in a couple of size options. It’s also available in several exciting colors, rocks, and flexes. So if you intend to go for this seating, you’re exposed to a lot of options. With this seating, you will create a learning environment that’s more productive, beneficial, and exciting.

It can be purchased at School Outfitters.

Vivora’s Sitting Ball

This is a perfect seating option for your kid in a homeschool setting. This sitting ball is a posture activator, and it’s big on aesthetics as well. It also gives your child the liberty to express their anxiety, hyperactivity, and restlessness. This sitting ball is available in small and big sizes. It’s anti-burst (difficult to deflate), and it also comes with a pump, an anti-slip bottom, ear handles, and its trademark self-supporting design.

It can be purchased on Amazon.

Milliard Peanut Ball

This inflatable seating option is a ball manufactured with anti-burst material, and you can purchase it in different colors and sizes. It enhances the posture of your kid and strengthens their core muscles as they learn. It doubles as a seat for class and a plaything.

You can get it on Amazon.

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